Smaili Gaming's Staff Application

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Smaili Gaming's Staff Application

Post by Smaili_Gamer on Thu Apr 07, 2016 7:29 pm

Steam Name (Current): Smaili Gaming

Steam ID: ID: STEAM_0:0:141393865

What's your name(in-game): Smaili Gaming

How old are you?: 15

How long have you played GMOD for?: about 2 years.

How long have you played on the server?:about 7h (i just found this server) but i will play a lot.

How many hours a week can you be on Hollow Deathrun?: i can be almost all the time unless if i have something important to do.

If you have been a staff member before, on what servers?:yes i was a staff member on Advanced Gaming Server and i resigned because i didn't like the way the owner treated me.

Have you ever been Kicked,Banned or had multiple warnings on our Server,If so, why?: Nope.

Do you have any experience with other Deathrun rules?If you have then explain what's the most three most important rules.

Rule#1: Don't trapspam/trapsteal
Rule#2: Don't timefarm/pointfarm/being afk for too long
Rule"3: Don't annoy other players or staff.

If there is someone you know that is very kind, and you get a report that he been cursing and threatning other players what do you do?: i talk to him and ask him if he really did that ? and i ask all the players if they saw him to make sure i do the right thing.

Tell me some stuff about you?(200+ Words): my name is Smaili. i am 15 years old and i play videogames almost all the time. i like gmod. and deathrun gamemode i like it the most. i am a good player. i am good at bhopping. and i like servers with rules because if the server has no rules, it will be very bad since all the players will do all the wrong stuff at the same time making the server so messed up. i like to be a staff member on a deathrun server. i feel happy and relaxed when i do my duty as a staff member. i learned all the commands during my stay as staff at a previous server. and i can hold responsibilities and people can trust me. i am fair with all people. i don't treat my friends better than normal player when i'm staff. i respect the owners of the servers as they work hard to get the server running as smoothly as possible for people to enjoy. I like helping other players and providing them happiness while playing on the server which will make them want to come back everyday to the server!!

Why should we pick you for staff?(150+ Words): I think I should be chosen because i'm online most of the time and i like helping people and protecting the server, i like the server so much and i think that i could be helpful in locating spammers and protecting the server from them. i will do my best for helping this server. i will be available for helping people and providing them happiness while playing on this server. I can be on the forums while playing on the server all the time except if i have something important to do. i am a good player in this game, and i'm willing to help protect the server as much as i can. i also know how to use all the commands that i have permission to use. Thank you.

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