Staff rules (very important)

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Staff rules (very important)

Post by RIP eddy wally on Sat Mar 05, 2016 7:52 pm

- Must have a registered forum account
- Check the Forums at least two times per week
- Be a member of our steam group
- Every warn/ban/kick must include a reason!

If you are not staff on duty you arent allowed to:
- Begin a sit
- Noclip
- Teleport around
- Be in god mode
On duty:
If you'r staff on duty you must
- Pay attention to admin chat
- Ask for help from other staff members if you can't take a sit
-- No RP at all!
- Be cloaked if you are gonna noclip around
- Be in god when in sit, but dont forget to ungod when change job
- Dont be in cloak while in sit. Could be very confusing

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