Canned Staff Application

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Canned Staff Application

Post by Canned on Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:07 pm

Steam Name (Current): CannedTable60

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83764910

What's your RP name(in-game): cannedtable60

How old are you?: 15

How long have you played GMOD for?: 620 hours

How long have you played on the server?: 10 minutes

How many hours a week can you be on HollowRP?: 2-3 hours

If you have been a staff member before, on what servers?: Exilerp

Have you ever been Kicked,Banned or had multiple warnings on our Server,If so, why?: Like warned for rdm and baned for rdm becuase i was new to the game so did not know how it works

Do you have any experience with other DarkRP rules?If you have then explain what's the most three most important rules.

Rule#1: Dont RDM
Rule#2: Dont RDA
Rule"3: Dont Troll

Define NLR: New Life Rule

If there was someone propkilling and you have no proof what do you do?: I guess tell the owner or a staff member and get other payers who saw it.
If there is someone you know that is very kind, and you get a report that he been cursing and threatning other players what do you do?: Talk to him and see if hes doing it and warn him or yell at him.

Tell me some stuff about you?(200+ Words) Im a 15 year old junior FireFighter. Dont feel to give out anymore
Why should we pick you for staff?(150+ Words)
Im not afk at all on the server other then when have to do something at home or use the bathroom only 2 times im gone and im only gone for 5 minutes max. I dont abuse my powers. I can do 2 sits at once. I do things alot different help out servers i can multitask. I check logs to see who killed people i read chat to make sure no one is calling a mod or admin. I dont abuse powers when role playing on servers. I listen and i can tell when something lying or is being honest. Im reason able with players i dont yell at them or threaten them at all. If someone is being rude to me i careless if there rude to me i wont do anything back unless its really bad. Then i would warn them for staff disrespect. I dont warn for no reason like if someone raids me or kills me. Some Admin/mods actual do that on servers if they get raided and make up random stuff. But im not like that im straight and not mess around when im moderating on the server


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